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Glow in the Dark Planetarium Wall Decals

Posted by Laser Tech on

Did you have a pack of glow in the dark planet wall decals as a kid?
Now you can make some custom wall decals for your kid or niece or nephew or yourself! We stock glow in the dark acrylic so naturally we had to revisit our childhood and make some planets immediately. You don't have to create planets, stars or galaxies. You can design anything. Glow in the dark cats, dogs, smiley faces, pizzas, anything really. Just stick to RGB blue (0,0,255) .25pt or hairline cutouts.


One major thing to note is that etching will not show up on the glow in the dark acrylic so just design simple cutouts without etching or line etching detail. Don't forget to round sharp, pointed edges! Not only are they a feature of the planetary wall decals, but filleting edges will add strength to your 


As for sizing, these designs fit on to a 6"x12" with room to spare. We could have easily doubled these designs on to half a square foot. each design was no larger than 4.15" wide. 


Here are the design cutouts on a black backdrop.  

cutouts on black
Here's the same exact designs on the black backdrop with the lights out. 
glow in the dark
You can attach these to your wall and ceiling with a little 3M tape or removable mounting putty. Enjoy!

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