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Laser Cut Spirograph Set

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Remember Spirograph? The fun, oddly satisfying, geometric drawing set you or a friend may have had growing up. I didn't have one as a kid, but I always wanted one. I thought summer would be a great opportunity to tap into my inner kid and make a set.
When you figure out the vectors, you can have us cut this in a single 6"x 12" unit in clear acrylic for $30 or try a cool neon transparent acrylic like the transparent neon green that I used for this project. 


 I'm not including a downloadable .PDF, because we don't like lawsuits and I don't want to rob you of the joy of figuring out a project. This is just for demonstrative purposes to prove that you can design and laser cut just about anything. You can customize tools, puzzles, toys, invitations and so much more. Try it today!

spirograph drawing

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