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Glitter Acrylic Text Cake Toppers

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Sometimes you need a reusable custom cake or cupcake topper with an inside joke or a personal message. Why not make one yourself? We celebrated a birthday in the shop and made these silly cupcake toppers for the occasion. These toppers were cut from discontinued glitter scrap, but we do have gold glitter acrylic and silver glitter acrylic to cut your projects. 

cupcake topper
-Choose a chunky font

-Work with the Object Properties docker to narrow the kerning of your text so that letters overlap and you can weld the letters together to create a solid piece. 

-After you convert the text to curves, create a contour around your text or select certain nodes to thicken your text.

-If any segment of your text is less than .4" wide then it will inevitably break when removed from the laser table. 

-Don't forget to convert all text to curves or if you're working in Adobe Illustrator, convert text to cutlines. 

-Fillet text to soften sharp edges to prevent breakage. 

-Create a rounded pick to insert into the cake. Make sure it's centered before you weld the base and text design together. 

-Wash the cake toppers with soap and warm water before use.

-These cupcake toppers are approximately 2.5" wide by 2" tall. This is the perfect size. Any larger and the topper would have been too top heavy.

-Arrange your cake toppers in a layout to get more bang for your buck. 


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