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Design and Laser Cut Your Own Sewing Buttons

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We've got button tutorial for you fashion designers out there that like to fully customize your sewing projects. Or you people out there that lost a button on their favorite button up and are looking for customizable replacements. 

You can order a sample size piece of material in 1/8" birch wood, 1/8" clear acrylic, 1/8" glitter gold acrylic, 1/8" solid white, 1/8" solid black or 1/8" transparent pink. We don't recommend mirror silver or 1/16" two layer silver/black due to it's fragility.  

We made three different sizes 16mm, 19mm and 24mm wide. 16mm width is larger than a standard button on a button up shirt so measure your button that you wish to emulate and take it from there. You can also measure the butttonholes and add however many buttonholes that you like. It's your design. You can do whatever you like!
Remember to follow our file setup guide. You can find instructions for file setup here. You can also find out Dos and Don'ts guide and additional tips on streamlining file setup and other design tips to ensure the structural integrity of your work. 
gridbutton  starsbutton
circlesbutton bullseyebutton

You can put as many different design styles as you want in your .pdf file. Designs must be vectors. You cannot drop a .jpg into a .pdf document. The image will not cut. You can run your file through our file checker before you place your order. If the file fails the checker and you place your order, we bounce back your order and issue you a refund. Fear not, friends! You can always try again.

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