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DIY Cord Wrapper

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We live in a wireless world, but until they make a wireless toaster, we're still going to be stuck with a few cords here and there. We tend to design projects on a completely selfish basis. I desperately needed a cord wrapper for my headphones to prevent the cord from splitting.

You can fully customize these cord wrappers to your liking. We suggest etching your company's name or logo or you can personalize each cord wrapper with the recipients' name, nickname or initials and give them away as gifts. You can even add an original drawing.The possibilities are endless. Go to STEP 2 to download a template for the cord wrapper.

You can purchase half a square foot of 1/4" acrylic or 1/4" Baltic birch wood to complete this project. Just remember to tile these at least .04" apart.

You don't need to reach for the calipers for this project. The openings do not have to be a precise size to wrap a cord around. You can just refer to the shape of this cord wrapper and put your own spin on the design.
We sized our cord wrapper to 2.459" W x 1.5" L. As mentioned above, the depth or thickness of the material is .25". You could use 1/8", but we recommend 1/4" due to its durability. 

Remember to follow our laser cutting guidelines when setting up your file. 
if you don't want to work out your own cord wrapper design, you can download a template of this design HERE. Adjust the basic design to your liking. Add logos, original drawings or text. 

If you do decide to design your own cord wrapper vectors from scratch, remember to filet all sharp corners to prevent breakage and splitting of the acrylic.  This will increase the life of your cord wrapper and will add soft corners so you don't damage your cords or injure yourself.
After this step, you are ready to title your design. Remember to follow our guidelines and place each design at least .04" apart so that your pieces cut out evenly. Also leave a .2" margin around the entire artboard so that pieces are not cut off. 

Have fun customizing this one. If you have any questions, leave us a comment below. 

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