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DIY Business Card or Punch Card Holder

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Do you have business cards or business punch cards that need a home so they don't get bent or lost? You only have three more punches to go before you get that free latte.
Here's a DIY project for you.

We made this business card holder from 1/8" Baltic birch. This project uses about 12" x 2.5" of material for one business card holder. A square foot can fit 5 sets of business card holders or if you just want one holder, you can add other designs that will fit the remaining square foot with a .2" margin. 
Let's get started!

Step 1: Specifications and Design 
Standard business cards or punch cards are 2" x 3.5" so you will need to accommodate for size of cards and the spacer you must add to the front and back plate.  You are going to need some extra room for the spacer to glue between the two outer pieces to create a gap so you can slide the cards inside. We added about .4" to both the length and width.

You can design any vector graphic you want on the front and back plate. Let your imagination run wild and have fun with it. Just remember to adhere to our laser cut guidelines when designing your vectors!

Step 2: Outfab-ers, ASSEMBLE!
After you submit your file and receive you business card holder pieces in the mail it's time to assemble!

Grab some wood glue and a few clamps so that your pieces adhere to each other. Make sure you are in a well ventilated area, open a window if you have to. You don't need much glue, a little goes a long way here. Outline the spacer piece with glue, place glue side down on the inside (non-design side) of the face plate. Squeeze a bit more glue outlining the top of the spacer and place the top face plate on, design side out. 

Step 3: CLAMP Those Muthaflippin' Pieces Down
Place clamps on the business card holder to ensure that all the pieces are glued together and are as perfectly aligned as possible. That bad boy ain't going anywhere.

Step 4: Project Complete! Take Your NEW Business Card Holder for a Spin

Take your business cards or punch cards with you wherever you go, network at your local coffee shop and earn that free venti-mocha-choke-a-latte-whatever. You just made something cool! 

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