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DIY Laser Cut Cookie Cutter & Cookie Stamp

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I love baking and we love making so this project is a win-win. One of my favorite things to bake is digestive biscuits occasionally dipped in dark chocolate. While the biscuits taste great the only thing missing is the quintessential English digestive biscuit stamp, "DIGESTIVE" on the cookie. I crave authenticity so this cookie stamp is a must and I decided to try my hand at making a traditional English digestive biscuit cookie stamp. 

I also decided to make a standard pig cookie cutter for good measure. Why a pig shape? Gingerbread pigs are a HUGE childhood favorite of mine and we dig nostalgia so this cookie project is the perfect opportunity to combined our three loves of baking, design and laser cutting.


For the pig cookie cutter, I used shape tools to make circles and rounded rectangles. I then arranged them to create a the shape of a pig. When I had an figure that I liked I then welded to shapes together. Next, I removed all extra nodes. Secondly, I created approximately a .04" contour on the outside of the pig shape. The contour will create the cookie cutter shape. I decided to make two different sizes to test. The small pig is 2". The large pig is 4". We will cut this from 1/4" clear acrylic. Make sure you use RGB blue (0,0,255), hairline line thickness.  These will be cut lines.
pig cookie cutter

laser cut cookie cutter

For the digestive biscuit stamp, I want a simple stamp in a sans serif font in all caps. Once I choose my font I convert the text to curves so I can create contours for each letter to increase their durability. Make sure you use RGB blue (0,0,255), hairline to draw the cut lines. 

Next, I will work on the base of the stamp. I will etch DIGESTIVE on the base as a guide when I glue the letters onto the base. Make sure you use RGB black (0,0,0) size .4. Base length is approximately 2" long. DIGESTIVE will need to fit onto the base so make sure you size the text accordingly. I made a quick handle by just copy and pasting the base of the stamp and removing the DIGESTIVE letter vectors. 
cookie stamp

digestive cookie stampdigestive cookie stamp 2

*I will update when I use the cookie cutter and cookie stamp to make cookies. 

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