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Custom Cupcake Toppers

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Custom cupcake toppers are a fun way to personalize baked goods. One of my favorite movies is An American Werewolf in London and I always wanted a werewolf-themed birthday party as a kid. BUT you're not going to find werewolf-themed party supplies in January unless you saved them from Halloween OR you just design and laser cut them yourself to get every last painstaking detail right. Typical Capricorn! Never in a million years would you find these cupcake toppers in a store. 

For this project I scoured the internet for specific scene photos of An American Werewolf in London. Of course I wanted to design the werewolf itself, but I also wanted to design a cupcake topper based on a quick jump scare scene featuring the antagonist's creepy face. I also wanted to laser cut two simple, but clean designs that tie into the theme of the movie. 
 AAWILvector cutouts cupcakes cupcake1

I used 1/8" Baltic birch wood for the werewolf and the doomed American, David Kessler. Eighth inch solid red acrylic was a no-brainer for the movie logo cake topper. The 'Mind the Werewolf' design was cheekily inspired by the werewolf's rampage in the London Underground. I cut this cake topper design from sleek 1/8" clear acrylic. 

You can design your own unique laser cut cupcake toppers and submit your design file at  Please remember to review our laser cutting guidelines before you submit your order. Don't forget to run your file through our file checker before placing your order.
If you have any questions, please use our contact email form.  

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