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Custom Designed & Laser Cut Herb Garden Stakes

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New to designing vectors for laser cutting? This is a great starter project to get the hang of vector design. Design your own custom wood herb stakes for your herb garden, flower bed, yard or anywhere else you could use a stake to remember which species is growing where. You can use the same base for the herb garden stakes, choose your favorite font (remember to convert to curves or outlines!) and add a vectorized image if you like. Pretty simple and useful project. 

garden stakes

The herb garden stakes you see in this post were laser cut from 1/8" Baltic birch plywood. The curly parsley stake has undergone some natural wear and tear from being outside, which explains the change in color and texture. This garden stake was treated with three coats of an outdoor protective wood finish.   

You can get creative and add a laser etched design and description like the examples below. 

basil garden stake

We recommend applying an outdoor protective finish to these laser cut stakes to help preserve the herb stake, but that's entirely up to you. We prefer a darkened, weathered look!

You can design a whole set of fun, laser cut herb or plant stakes for your garden. This even makes a great gift for the constant gardener in your life. 


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