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Custom Laser Cut Jewelry

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At Outfab, we consider custom laser cut parts for jewelry designers our specialty. We know what it's like to be starting out, not sure what to include for a new collection, inspired yet overwhelmed by possibilities. That's why we offer units as small as 12"x6", enough to make a small amount of inventory. We also encourage designers to try many different pieces on their unit sizes so they can experiment with new designs and prototypes. 

Pearl Acrylic

black pearl acrylic custom laser cut jewelry parts

These black pearl acrylic parts will be used for earring charms.

Birch Wood

Birch plywood in 1/8" thickness is great for rustic looking designs. The laser etching looks amazing and smells of campfire. Customers love it! 


Purple mirror is a unique material that you don't see much. With the option of either etching detail or completely cutting it out, you can experiment to your hearts content. Laser cutting is so versatile!

Glitter Acrylic

Our favorite is glitter acrylic. It is clear plastic with glitter poured into the mix. The surfaces are glossy smooth and the etching shows up frosty white. The glitter will not flake off at all!

A Designer's Best Friend!

So if you're an up and coming or established designer, take a look at our materials and see how custom laser cutting can work for you!

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