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DO- Leave .125" Between Parts

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Sarah just adopted both a dog and cat from the animal shelter and wants to make a tags for her new pets. She just received some sample cuts of her dog tag designs in the mail, but the hole where the jump rings were supposed to attach was broken.

 DON'T put parts too close together

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The hole is too close to the edge and will result in.. The hole completely melting away! Now these charms are useless.


DO leave .125" between parts

Parts should have enough space between so they do not melt back together or disintegrate The cut out pieces are clean around the edges and the hole is strong enough to support a jump ring or chain.

Sarah redesigned her vectors by spacing the jump ring hole .147" from the edge and placing the designs .125 apart. She has decided to make some tags for her friends' pets and places an order for one unit of solid blue acrylic. 

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