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DO - Use Green, Red or Magenta Line Etch

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The blue outline is set up correctly, but the laser will not recognize black, gray, or light gray lines under .3PT. This will cause the file checker to reject your file for revisions. Your file will not process.



    Use ONE outline color per design. Use the RGB settings in the guidelines and .25pt line thickness. Colors only represent the line path, they will not actually laser cut in that color.

    Laser line etch results on birch wood. Though this example shows all the line colors, it is really only necessary to use one color. Even the most trained eye has difficulty telling one apart from the other.


     What Color to use when

  • RGB Red (#FF0000)  - to weaken material for easier bending or snapping parts
  • RGB Green (#00FF00) - for making decorative marks
  • RGB Magenta (#FF00FF) - for making marks for matching up different cut parts






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