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Do - Center Projects in a Frame

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Waldo wanted to make custom laser signs about 12"x24" in wood for his dorm room. He opened his file in CorelDRAW, set the page to the units he wanted. Then he wrote the text and centered it in the page. But when it came in the mail, it looked all wrong! What happened?

Don't use your page as a frame


Waldo made the mistake that many first time laser cut sign makers make. He used his page as a frame.  If there are no blue cut lines to signify the border, just the text alone is sent to the laser, which has a 24"x36" cutting area. We always cut at the top left corner, so all designs are moved to the top left as far as they will go. Notice how one edge isn't even laser cut, it's the raw and splintered manufacturers edge.

Do create a frame if cutting only one thing

Now with the blue cut line, Waldo can ensure that the edge will be completely laser cut. There is a .2" margin of error, so always make your final layout within .2" of the page border. 

Now the project is perfectly centered as intended. It is ever so slightly smaller than 12"x24" but that's perfect for Waldo!

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