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DO- Use Black and Gray Fills for Area Etch

Posted by Laser Tech on

Laser etching fills can ONLY be done in black, medium gray, or light gray. Colors are for lines only!

Don't use green, red, or magenta for filling shapes

The blue hairline is OK, but the fills won't process at all. Your order will be returned for revisions. The laser cutter will not recognize any of those fill lines and the project will not process.


Do use Black, Medium Gray, or Light Gray for etching areas

Here we have the Outfab butterfly with a blue outline for cutting, black for heavy etching, medium gray for medium etching, and light gray for light etching.  You may notice that there isn't much of a gradient effect. We don't recommend using all three of the fill colors together in one design. That takes A LOT of processing time. We recommend designing with just one shade.

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