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DO Make sure your file is under 1MB

Posted by Laser Tech on

Our machines can only handle so much data. The max we can send at a time is 1MB of data. More than that and they struggle to process the data, causing glitches and no output. Therefore we cap file size at 1MB and reserve the right to cancel orders that do not meet this criteria.

In order to combat the issue of file size here are a couple of solutions:

1. Tile less on your page

2. Reduce the detail of your designs.

-This can be either by taking out whole elements, spacing detail further apart, or simply reducing the nodes on a given shape. 

-Check your object manager (different name in different programs) to make sure there aren't duplicate shapes. These add to file size.

-Delete white spaces if you can. There is no need for white shapes in a negative space for example.

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