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DO - Flip Your Design When Ordering Mirror Acrylic

Posted by Laser Tech on

Mirror is cut face down through the reflective backing so that the etched areas will let light through. There is paper or plastic mask on the mirrored "good" side. 
Mirror is cut face down whether or not there is etching!

Files are cut exactly as they are sent. Remember to flip your file backwards when ordering mirror acrylic.

Flip your design in your file. Text will etch backwards on the back of the acrylic.
    When you remove the masking from the front of mirror acrylic, text will be legible and oriented the right way as pictured above.




    Text is oriented incorrectly for mirror acrylic. Text will etch exactly how you see it but on the on the backside! Outfab will not flip text for you!

    When masking is removed from the front side of the mirror acrylic piece, text is backwards due to not flipping the design before etching.

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