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Do- Thicken Black & Gray Lines

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Bold lines can be achieved by using lines .4pt or thicker and black, medium gray, or light gray. In some cases, designers want the line decoration to be bold and prefer not to use the magenta, green, red, or hairline etch. 

Don't use black and gray hairlines

Here the blue outline is correct, but the black and gray lines are too thin. They will cause the file checker to reject the file and require revisions.  Since the file will be rejected for revisions, nothing will get cut out. The laser cutter wouldn't recognize the objects anyway.


Do Use black and gray lines .4pt or thicker


So how to achieve laser etched thick lines? Easy, make your black, gray, or light gray lines are.4pt or thicker

Choose ONE color (black, dark gray or light gray) for your entire design file. We recommend black for high contrast. 

Bold lines with a measurable thickness must be set to .4pt or thicker. 

Thick black and gray lines on birch plywood.

  • RGB Black (#000000)
  • RGB Dark Gray (#808080)
  • RGB Light Gray (#E6E6E6)






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