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Do - Bulk Up Delicate Parts

Posted by Laser Tech on

Nancy wanted to make a sign for her room, so she downloaded inkscape and got to work! But she didn't see the part about making parts thicker than .125" so her project disintegrated in her hands.

Don't make parts thinner than .125"


You can measure thickness in your editor by drawing a small rectangle and placing it over the parts you think are too thin.

Sooooo thin and fragile! Even if cut in steel it will easily bend out of shape. It's so thin, light shines through it.


  Do bulk up delicate parts

By adding a contour around thin shapes, or even manually moving nodes to make parts thick, you can create pieces that look quite delicate but hold up to regular handling Notice how this piece still looks delicate and light!


Read more about bulking up parts with the use of contouring on our Design Better page.

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