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DO- Use Line Etch OR Fill but not both!

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Jaime is designing some laser cut wood charms and pins for her online store. She ordered a sample cut of her charms to test out her designs. She decides to use a red line etch on top of a black fill thinking that this will accentuate the depth of the design. This resulted in the red line etch slightly misaligned with the black fill. This is not the effect Jaime was going for. 

Don't use line etch around a fill

Can you see the red outline around the black fill? It looks perfectly matched up in the graphic, but when cut in real life, there is a fraction of a milimeter tolerance between the line and fill. It's not much, as you can see, but it's enough that it doesn't look quite right.


Do use fill

If you want a filled area, use a black fill. No need for an outline around the black fill. The laser cut fill will have a crisp edge that looks perfect!

Do use line etch

If you want just an outline, it's perfectly OK to use just the hairline settings.  Hairline etch results in fine line detail.


Again it's OK to use line etch OR fill, but please don't use them together!

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