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DO- Scale Your Projects

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Richard submitted his vector design for laser cutting, but he did not scale his design to his desired proportions. He instead typed the size to the right of his vector design. 

Don't list dimensions

The actual size of this graphic is circled in red on your design program. The size here reads .912x.867, therefore, the actual cut out is that size, regardless of what the note reads. It doesn't matter how big it looks on the screen, only the dimensions you set in the file. Here you can see the cut out next to a measuring tape. It is not the written dimensions. Pieces are cut EXACTLY as they are sent to us.

DO scale your pieces

Here you can see the piece is made 2" wide in the project file. Pieces will cut out exactly as you lay them out, exactly to the specs you set. The final laser cut piece is in fact, 2" wide

Richard's pieces were cut and delivered as they were submitted (image on the right), which was not the size he was expecting. Outfab does not offer refunds for orders where the customer failed to scale their own project. This made Richard sad. 

Please note that Outfab does not scale customer designs to notations typed out on the design file. The customer is responsible for scaling projects. 


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