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Cleaning Glitter Acrylic Laser Cut Parts

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Follow these cleaning tips for your laser cut glitter acrylic parts


When you receive your laser cut glitter acrylic parts from, the pieces will need to be thoroughly cleaned before you assemble your project. Before you grab a towel and get to work, be sure to follow the following steps to ensure that you don't damage your acrylic pieces in the process.

Use a DRY cloth or napkin to remove the dust leftover from laser etching. 


We do not recommend applying any kind of cleaner to glitter acrylic as most result in fracturing and cracking the acrylic. If you notice a haze on your pieces you can try applying a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cloth and lightly wiping the surface of the acrylic. Do not saturate or soak your pieces in the alcohol. **For best results, TEST a small piece before you apply any cleanser or solution.**

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