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Sanding and Waxing Laser-cut Birch Wood

Posted by Laser Cutting Tech on

Your laser cut parts will be delivered to you unfinished, straight from the laser table so you can choose how you want to finish your design. We do not offer staining, varnishing, painting, sanding or assembly of any kind. We leave it up to the customer to choose how they would like their work finished. You can clean, sand and finish your pieces to your liking. 

For wood pieces, we recommend sanding to remove any residue or charring that naturally occurs due to laser cutting.

You may want to apply a beeswax to your wood pieces to give them a nice lustre and polished effect. We swear by the brand Howard Feed-N-Wax, but you can use a similar product. 

You can also apply a varnish or stain to our Baltic birch plywood before you apply the wax to your design. 

Wax makes the grain stand out and shine, it is really quite beautiful! The below sample shows the top unfinished and the bottom with the beeswax. It also smells of lovely orange oil.

piece of birch wood with wax on one side, non waxed on other

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