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Vegetable Tanned Leather 1/16" thick

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Black & Blue only on this material! By checking this box, you agree that your file passed the checker and all objects are set up to process as you would like. Custom cut pieces are nonrefundable.
By checking this optional box, you allow us to photograph your project and use it as an example on our tips page. We will never share actual files.
I understand that this is a natural material and can have natural markings, variations in thickness, color, and possible scarring.

Our veg-tan leather is great for making unique sew on tags, cuffs, and branded markings for all kinds of dry goods including coasters, hair clips, handbags, or any other leatherware you can think of. Use Black Fill and Blue Lines only. 

Please note that burned leather smells bad (like burned pork rinds), but after airing it out a few days the smell goes away. 

Leather is a natural material and has many natural markings and variations. Please note that we do our best to avoid holes and discoloration but scars and markings are just a part of life.

The thickness is approx 1/16" thick but can very from piece to piece.